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How to buy a firearm online:

Selway Armory invites you to directly purchase firearms online at or at one or more of these fine sites. Ordering a firearm online is fast, easy, and convenient.

Buying firearms online is simple and trouble-free if you follow these steps.

  • 1.) Order and pay for your firearm online at or at another trusted website. Only use sites with a secure shopping cart and payment gateway. If using an online auction site then follow the seller’s payment and shipping instructions.
  • 2.) Federal Firearms laws prevent the sale of firearms directly to individuals. The firearm must be shipped to an FFL dealer. Selway Armory has an FFL and is registered with many auction sites and online firearms dealers.
  • 3.) When entering the shipping/FFL dealer information, choose Selway Armory. Shipping will be calculated to Selway Armory, the buyer is responsible for paying shipping.
  • 4.) Contact Selway Armory at [email protected] and please inform us that you purchased a firearm and it is being shipped to Selway Armory. Include the tracking number if available. SA will contact the seller/shipping FFL and make arrangements. We must receive a copy of the sellers/shippers FFL before we can accept or transfer the firearm.
  • 5.)Selway Armory will contact you when your firearm arrives and make arrangements for transfer.
  • 6.)Pay Selway Armory $35.00 flat rate for the transfer. You can pay online, with a credit card, check or cash. When you arrive to purchase the firearm, please bring your valid state ID and/or concealed weapons permit if you have it. Please also check the Selway Armory Purchasing Policy.
  • 7.) Purchases made on Gallery of Guns are exempt from the $35.00 fee if you use the Selway Armory portal at
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