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Ugly Ammo

Ugly Ammo is high quality re-manufactured factory ammo. During the final inspection process for the ammunition at the factory, if the inspector notices a blemish, nick and/or other defect that DOES NOT affect the function of the cartridge they pull the cartridge and put it aside. Some factories call them "Plinkers". Selway Armory has purchased these cartridges and is offering them to you at a great value. Don’t let the cosmetic look of these rounds deceive you. Ugly Ammo is safe, reliable, and accurate.

They might be Ugly, but they are ready to go.

Made in the United States of America.

Introducing new Ugly Ammo bulk packaging!!!

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Selway Armory Ugly Ammo T-shirt
Price: $19.95
Selway Armory Ugly Ammo T-shirt
Selway Armory Ugly Ammo T-shirt. (Please select size)